"Gutless wonders"

Great post from Nate at 538:
This is not to suggest that there aren't legitimate reasons to oppose the health care bill. [...] Nevertheless, polls have consistently shown that support for the health care program increases dramatically -- probably to a plurality and possibly to a majority -- when you provide them with a neutral and accurate description of what the legislation actually contains.
There's more than way for democracy to become dysfunctional. One way is if the Congress consistently adopts policies that the American people don't support. Another is if one of the major political parties routinely misleads the public to manipulate public opinion, and the other party aids and abets them by behaving like a bunch of gutless wonders who can't see farther than the next midterm. Neither outcome is desirable -- but Iraq ought to be a reminder that the latter is every bit as much a threat to our democracy as the former.

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